Carles Pina i Estany

Welcome to my personal Web page
TL;DR: my blog Pintant or my email [email protected].

About me

Born in Manresa, near Barcelona. Currently working for the Swiss Polar Institute.

Hobbies are:

  • Programming. I worked many years on C++/Qt and currently I'm writing more Python.
  • Learning. Could be English, a new programming language, table tennis... anything.
  • Travelling.
  • Chocolate, museums, plays, outings, etc. E.g. big fan of The Festival of the Spoken Nerd.

Digital footprint

And some other places. Not on Facebook or Twitter.

Analogue footprint

A selection of my regular, off-line activities:

Free software

I'm a free software user and I've contributed to some projects that you might be using such as:

  • Grub2: I added gettext support.
  • qdacco: developed it. Available on Debian and Ubuntu.
  • qphotosort: developed it.
  • Contributor with small features or bugfixes to Pydance, pidgin, Amarok, gnokii, geeqie, xdiskusage, mtr... I used to fix bugs to almost any software that I found
  • I've given talks to different conferences in Barcelona and around, Fosdem, Python Code Dojos, Unconferences, etc.
  • Nowadays I write on my blog, previously I used to write on Bulma, Catux and Debaday.

For more source code see my Github page.

The majority of the code that I've written during the last years is for Mendeley Desktop.